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Dive Dugi Otok diving base is located in Zaglav, Dugi otok (Long island).

Dugi otok is the largest island in the North Dalmatian archipelago, one of the largest in the Adriatic. It is 124 km long and between 52 km and 4 km wide. Among a series of lime-stone mountain ridges, with Vela Straža being the highest (338 m), spread fertile Karst fields. The south-west coast of the island is steep, with beautiful cliffs, and the rest of the island coast gently descends towards the sea, with numerous smaller and larger bays, among them Solišćica, Sakarun, Pantera and Telašćica with sandy beaches.

The cultivable part of Dugi Otok is covered with olive trees, vineyards and vegetable gardens, and on the rest of the island there are woods and macchia groves.

The Byzantine emperor Constantine Porfirogenet mentions Dugi Otok in the 10th century under the name of Pizuh. In the 11th century the island is called Insula Tilagus, in the 13th century Veliki Otok. The name Dugi Otok is mentioned for the first time in 1460. The oldest archeological findings are from the younger stone age, and on the prominent island ridges the ruins of illyrian fortifications can be found. The Croats settled on the island very early and the Old Christian churches on the island are from that period.

Today there are around 1,800 inhabitants in 11 villages on the island. All villages are connected with asphalt roads which offer magnificent view of the island. Along with traditional professions - fishing and agriculture - recently more and more people turned to tourism. Shops can be found in all the villages, post offices in some of them, and almost all the houses have telephones. There are permanently employed doctor in Sali, Žman and Božava. The island is well connected with the mainland by ferries and hydrofoils.

In addition to the above, we must stress the natural beauties of the island: sleep cliffs and gentle slopes of the island coast, numerous tiny islands which surround Dugi Otok - this is a true paradise for every visitor. Rich olive groves, unspoiled nature, numerous desterted, smaller and larger bays, Telašćica reserve best known among them, the Kornati Archipelago (a national park) which leans against Dugi Otok with the crystal clear sea - all guarantee that your vacation on this island will be something different, something unforgettable. To make your experience even more enjoyable the hospitable islanders will offer you fresh fish prepared with their olive oil, or fresh figs from their own garden.